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Falmouth MA Cosmetic SurgeonThe VENUS

Where the EXCEL and the GENESIS laser wavelengths especially target the melanin and hemoglobin molecules of the skin, the VENUS laser pulses a wavelength that targets the water molecules within the epithelial cells of the skin.

A resurfacing of the skin occurs as a variable depth of epithelial cells are carried off with a plume of instantly vaporized water. The face is smoothed. Fine lines and creases are softened and flattened. The VENUS also gives us the capability to contour out pitted scars from acne, the small raised bumps of sebaceous overgrowths and the irregularity of outsized pores. All this is accomplished by the pulsed light – there is no physical contact with the skin as with dermabrasion or with chemical peels.

You will have an anesthetic cream applied for about twenty minutes just before the treatment begins. At the completion of the VENUS treatment a thin layer of ash, formed from the treated epithelial cells, is gently wiped off and a protective ointment is applied. Dr. Heisler will instruct you in skin care for the next few days. Most people find they have little or no down time after the procedure.

The VENUS treatments are spaced four to five weeks apart for from three to five treatments - similar to the Facial Rejuvenation program. VENUS treatments may be done two weeks before or after a Facial Rejuvenation treatment, they may follow a completed course of Facial Rejuvenation or they may be done as a stand alone course of treatment. Dr. Heisler will discuss these options with you during your consultation.