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Falmouth MA Cosmetic Surgery | Cosmetic Laser SurgeonReduction of Unwanted Hair

Dr. Heisler uses various settings of both wavelengths of the EXCEL to maximize the permanent reduction of hair over the target area.

These laser wavelengths targets the melanin in the hair (and, in particular, the portion of the hair below the skin). In the milliseconds that the beam is directed over the follicle the melanin is made to heat up and injure the surrounding cells that make the hair (hair has color because of the variable amount of melanin pigment that is imparted to the hair shaft by the cells of the hair follicle).

Hair can be stubborn and multiple treatments, spaced about five weeks apart, are typically needed to achieve the desired results. The five week interval is selected as the average time for the growth cycle of the hair. Any hair that might have been dormant at the time of one treatment may be expected to make its appearance – and be subject to the effect of the EXCEL - at a subsequent treatment. It is often the case that hair which is coarse and dark responds earlier in the program – more melanin is present to react with the laser – which is fine and pale.

Many people who have used waxing or electrolysis report that the laser technique was much more comfortable than either of those alternatives. The laser treatments are also much more rapidly accomplished. Dr. Heisler explains that you should not pluck or wax prior to any treatment since his laser works by reacting with that portion of the hair which is below the skin and in contact with the bulb.