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Falmouth Cosmetic SurgeonSpider Veins

Spider veins of the legs are unsightly clusters of red to blue blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin. Sometimes they are even raised and palpable. They may or may not be associated with actual varicosities of the larger veins of the legs.

Dr. Heisler uses a fine beam of the EXCEL to “erase” spider veins, a process you can actually watch through the sapphire lens of the wand as it is happening - the targeting is very precise. The laser is able to cover much “territory” in this manner and multiple clusters on one or both legs may be swiftly treated in a half hour session. This rapid technique differs from injections (“sclerotherapy”) in that it is non-invasive and does not require repeated needle puncturing of the skin and each blood vessel.

There is no down time after the procedure. After each session all the treated vessels will have in their place the “cat scratch” effect which will linger to some degree for a week or more. There are generally no restrictions in activity, support stockings are not needed or recommended and no applications need to be made to the skin. Follow-up treatments are usually scheduled at four or five week intervals to treat additional areas on the same or other leg and/or to follow up any regions previously treated.