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Our newest advanced cosmetic skin care laser is the GENESIS. With time, everyone displays to greater or lesser degree an excess capillarity of the skin (telangiectasias – often referred to as “broken capillaries”), an accumulation of brown spots (lentigo – sometimes called “sun spots” or “age spots”), other benign irregularities of pigmentation (such as melasma) and a general slackening of collagen support of the face resulting in the appearance of fine wrinkles and creases. With many people these features may become especially obvious and mar their otherwise good looks.

Dr. Heisler utilizes a combination of settings of both the EXCEL and GENESIS lasers to remove these obtrusive features and to give a brighter aspect to the face.

The Facial Rejuvenation program consists of an initial suite of from four to six treatments spaced four to five weeks apart. The EXCEL effect on the capillaries, brown spots and other vagaries of skin pigmentation will be seen very early in the treatment program and often very shortly after a given treatment. The month long interval between treatments allows for the full development of the collagen stimulatory effect of the GENESIS. At each approximately half hour treatment Dr. Heisler applies from four to six settings of both lasers to the entire face and neck to achieve the desired results. At subsequent sessions, issues of capillarity and pigmentation fall to the “back burner” and so proportionately more time is spent on the collagen stimulatory aspect of the program, most particularly with the GENESIS.

Pictures are taken before starting the treatment program. At subsequent sessions these pictures are used to compare with the current appearance of the face allowing Dr. Heisler to adjust the laser settings accordingly.

There is no down time following the procedures. One may return directly to work – or take the afternoon off! If one is so inclined, makeup may be applied immediately after the treatment. There may be some redness around the darker of the brown spots treated. The sun needn’t be avoided - the skin is no more sensitive to the sun by virtue of the treatment than ordinarily - though we do advocate the routine use of sunscreen in general.

All the wear and tear on the skin that has accumulated over the years will be addressed by Dr. Heisler during the sessions of the facial rejuvenation program. Since the factors (sun, smoking, heredity!) that created these conditions in the first place continue, there is a role for maintenance sessions (once, twice, three times or more a year depending on the conditioning of the skin) at intervals after the initial suite of treatments. This will be discussed with you by Dr. Heisler at the initial consultation and during your progress through the treatment program.