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Acne is a very common and troublesome skin condition of younger people for which many therapeutic approaches have been developed.

The EXCEL and GENESIS wavelengths are beneficial in the treatment of acne breakouts. Studies suggest that the improvement comes from the laser’s direct effect on the sebaceous glands and the bacteria harbored within them.

Dr. Heisler utilizes settings from both lasers in treating acne eruptions. While treatments may be done as frequently as semi-weekly for a month, this is usually not practical for those individuals we most commonly see – the college age student with just a few breaks in a semester’s calendar. In this circumstance we work with the individual to get in such treatments as their schedule allows. If one takes Tetracycline, it must be stopped a month prior to treatment.

There is no “down time” after treatment.You may return directly to your day’s schedule. You might have some very brief redness - mostly from the water cooled laser wands - and makeup is fine immediately after treatment.